Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't written in a few days. I have just been feeling very down since Mary died. I have kind of a funny story though...I went to work last night even though it was snowing. I thought it would stop. Well, it didn't. It was like a blizzard!! At 4, I couldn't even get up the driveway to my jobs parking lot, so I had to park in the lot next door that belongs to the firemen. So I park it there, and they ask me to move to a certian spot so they can plow. I do it. Then I hear them snickering about how funny it was to watch me try and get up the driveway for work. So around 6, a guy walks in and says "you have a flat tire". I asked if there was anybody who could change it for me, and he said no and walked away. What the hell??? You're part of the fire're supposed to help people! Anyways, there as this really sweet guy at the bar who offered to take my flat to his dads shop and see if he could patch the hole. I had a donut in the trunk, but the roads were so bad by then that I was too afraid to drive the 30 mins home on a donut. So we go over to my car, and hes on his hands and knees in his jeans wih no gloves or coat, and he takes my tire off for me. So he comes back later, and says he couldnt find the leak! He filled it for me, and I drove home. It took me over an hour, but I was there safe. So today I took my car to get the tire fixed, and the guy in town who does all of my repairs says to me "this tire is supposed to be flat? I can't find a hole in it!" He then suggested that maybe the air was let out of my tire. So now I am thinking about it...those firemen are such jerks...I wouldn't put it past them to do that to me. Ssoooooooo...the moral of the story is, I bought the guy who fixed my tire that night a drink, I won't park anywhere other than my work parking lot again, and I deff won't go in when its snowing so much anymore!!!


Jennifer said...

hi hon. sorry you are feeling down, but i totally understand. :) i hope you start to feel better, but i know it takes time.
that story about the flat tire is unreal. that sucks about what jerks the firemen were to begin with and, i really think they did it since they came to tell you but weren't willing to help you. thank God for nice people like the guy that helped you out. :) what a sweetie! :) i'm just floored that someone would be such an asshole and let the air out of your tire, in a freakin' snow storm. what asses!! really! that pisses me off. i think i might have to go to work one time with you and park there, and wait for them to do something to my truck... then shoot them with a flare gun or something. lol asses!!
well sweetie, i will talk to you soon. i hope.
happy valentines day!!
xooxoxox love ya.

Crystal said...

I'm going with Jennifer when she pays them a little visit...Freaking pricks...I've got a nice big RED baseball bat in MY truck that just reeks out for a little fireman LOVE!! Jenn, let me know what time your leavin!

Jill Leigh said... girls are the best. Can you believe that crap though? I mean come on....I'm a girl, it's dark, and its a freaking blizzard!!! I will get them back. I will spit drop their food, or spit in their drinks hahaha

LaskiGal said...

I'm hoping you're feeling better, but know that this is a tough time. Great to see you were up for sharing a story with us!

Man, chivalry must be dead . . . and dismembered . . .

Happy Heart Day!