Thursday, January 29, 2009

Carvel Ice cream cake, crunchy tacos, and morning meltdowns...

The bank that I work in is attached to a grocery store, so the connecting door is a clear glass door so that we can see through it for security purposes. Well, from my seat behind the teller line, all I am seeing is a freezer filled with Carvel Ice Cream cakes and now I am craving it. I just keep thinking about the delicious little chocolate crunchy things int he middle. I am trying my hardest not to go and buy one. They have one shaped like a snowman, one shaped like an m&m, and one shaped like a football!!! They are cute as well as tasty looking lol. It is taking all I have not to go buy one.

I was in one of my pregnant moods last night where John couldn't do anything right, or do anything to make me feel better. He and our friend Travis went to get a coffee at the gas station, and ended up going to see a friend at Taco Bell. John works at Taco Bell at night after he is done with his day job for some extra money. I didn't know they were going to Taco Bell, I thought they were just down the road getting coffee. So when they didn't come home for half an hour I got really nervous. The roads were awful last night, and there were high winds. So I called John to see where they were. He answered and told me Taco Bell, then asked if I wanted anything. I hadn't eaten yet, and I was starving, but I was in my mood, so I told John, no I didn't wnat anything. They took forever to come home, and as I usually do now, I fell asleep waiting for them and I had dreams of crunchy tacos. Not just like oh I want a crunchy taco, but I dreamed that I wanted 3 crunchy tacos with sour creama nd mild sauce, and a chicken quesedilla on the side. random!! And when John finally did come home, I was really upset with him for not bringing me home tacos even though I had told him I didn't want anything!! I am like a psycho lunatic!

Today was a bad moring. I woke up, and there were no clean towels upstairs so I was waiting freezing ready to ge tout of the shower for John's slow butt to go get me a towel out of the dryer. I am exhausted today because I'm sick right now. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, bad headaches, and a cough, but theres not much I can do for it so last night after I woke up from my taco bell dream, I had a hard time getting back to bed. I ended up falling alseep for about another hour, but I had a really bad dream during that sleep too, so this morning I can hardly keep my eyes open. I rented a movie about a week ago thata was supposed to be a 2 day rental so I wanted to return it. John had it in the living room, and I couldn't find it. I was already late so I started screaming for John to get his lazy butt outof bed and help me find it. Then when he did, I said "I don't have time for this" and stormed out of the house. The car was all iced over, and I was already late so I was rshing to clean it and get out of the driveway. Well, while I was backing out, I accelerated a little too fast and ended ups liding downt he road backwards into a snowbank!!! After a nice loud scream, I put the car in drive, and then whn I pressed on the gas pedal, I didn't go anywhere. So, poor John got a phone call of me screaming and crying "I'm stuck int he god damn road and it would be really nice if you could come out here and help me". Yea, I'm psycho. Well, a minute later I calmed down a bit, and tried again, and I was able to get out so I told him never mind I got it. I did throw in an I love you and have a good day lol. I was also 15 minutes late for work!! It was just an awful morning. And work is dead today because the roads aren't really plowed very well, so 5 o'clock is taking forever to get here!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess who's back...

At the request of my dear friend Jennifer, I am back to posting!!! I have some new and exciting stuff to post about so I figured no time better than now to get back into it!!

I recently found out that I am pregnant!! I am 11 weeks now. I found out when I was about 5 weeks. It was a weird way to find out lol. It started out on a Friday. I thought I had a yeast infection so i called my gyno for a prescription bc over the counter doesn't work for me. On Monday, I was worse!! So Wed I went in to see the doc. I saw a new gyno because mine wasn't available. She diagnosed me with a yeast infection and perscribed me 2 diff meds. Well, Thursday rolled around and I was in more pain than ever. I was starting to get cuts all over my "special area" and I didn't know from what and it was starting to burn when I peed!! So Thursday night after work, I went to Urgent Care. They diagnosed me with a UTI. The doctor then proceeded to ask me when my next period was. It so happens, It was due to show up the next day, so I said "tomorrow actually". He said to me...his exact words..."well it's not coming. You're pregnant"!!! He got all smiley and excited. I answered by saying "what" and starting to cry lol. I was just so shocked. I had been on the pill and taking it reguarly. So needless to say, shocked doesn't even really fit my reaction lol. I cried the whole way out of the office and to the parking lot where John was waiting to surpise me. I told him in the Crystal Run Urgent Care parking lot at 6 pm in the snow storm under the black sky that I was pregnant and he was even more shocked than I was!!!

So as you can see, this is a very unexpected pregnancy. I am so excited though! I am so in love with being a mommy already. I can't wait to meet our little peanut! And John is beyond thrilled as well. He can't wait to be a daddy.

I procrastinated for a while, but finally told my parents. They didn't take it wel, at all. They freaked out actually. But now that they have had some time to adjust to the idea, they are coming alone. My sister Lizzy is 19 and is very excited and is already planning my baby shower lol. My other sister Maddy is only 15, and doesn't quite understand it all, but she's excited too.

Ok lunch break at work. I will try and come back after. Great to be blogging again!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

16 days....

...till I'm 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so excited!!!!
Now that that is outta the way.....I'm sorry I haven't posted in like 2 months. I have just been crazy crazy busy with school and work and all my new bills since I got the new car. I hope that everyone has been well, and had a great Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter!!!
Theres not too much new stuff going on with me except for the birthday coming up. I am super excited to celebrate. I am so lucky because I have a group of fabulous friends who want to go out with me and have a fun time!!! We have a lot of idea about what we want to do, but so far my favorite ideas are...going to the Hacienda for a terrific Mexican dinner and lots of margaritas and strawberry daiquiris....then going to the palisades mall and hanging out at Dave and Busters for fun games and drinks...then if needed crashing at a close by hotel. It just is so so so so exciting!!!
So Jerry and I are thinking about doing another dieting competition. I whooped his ass last time, and he feels like coming back for seconds!!! I lost 8 lbs last time, and I think he only lost like 5 lbs. I am trying to lose 10 lbs this time. I want to lose it by my bday. 10 lbs seems kind of low, but I would rather be realistic and say 10, and lose 15 and be happy than start with 15 only lose 10 and feel like a failure. I really really want to get skinny. I am trying to stick to healthy food, and I have been going to the gym or going to my walking for wellness class everyday!! Hopefully I will make it happen!!!
I've gotta run now. Time to do some work!! Everybody have a great day!! See you again tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Car

I got a new car last night!!! After looking around and being very disappointed with my choices, I was finally able to find soemthing I could be happy with. I had to buy a used car becasue I was only approved for a loan of $7500 origionally. When I went to a diff dealership he got me approved for $10,000!!! I got an '05 Suzuki Verona. It's light blue, 4 door with power windows and locks. It really is nice. It has wood accents on the inside, and is very cute. I am very happy. It even came with a warrently, and I got an extended warrenty for only $30 xtra dollars a month. I miss my car so much though. It had a really nice cd deck in it, and great speakers that jerry bought for me for my birthday one year. It just has a lot of memories. I miss it, but I guess I did what I had to ddooo

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

vroom vroom no more

My car is broken!!!! Of all the times it could have picked to break....I had to call out of work at the college today.I still have to bartend tonight. I dropped my car off at the shop at 9:30, and I still haven't heard back yet. It has been feeling like the transmission has been giving me issues for a while, but my parents are in denial. Anyways, they won't cosign with me so I can get a new car. I finally got approved by myself, but only for a loan of $7500, which is better than nothing, but I won't be able to get a nice car that I really want. If they cosigned I could have whatever car I wanted that fit within my monthly budget. It makes me so mad tht they just wont help me. My current car is a '98 pontiac grand prix. it looks great. The inside is immaculate. I have never had any major issues with it....till now. We payed $10,000 for it about 4-5 years ago, and apparently now, it's only worth $2000. The dealership is willing to trade my car in for $2000 even though the check engine light is on. It's just so frustrating to think I could hav a new car dor a payment as low as $280/month for 62 months with 0% financing, but I can't do it bc my parents wont sign no matter how hard I beg them!!! So anyways, I have to go call the car guy now and see what the damage is, then I'm going to call the car dealership. Everybody have a great day!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Moving out.... what I desperately need to do!!!! I can't stand living at home anymore. I hate going to use my $7 a bottle shampoo and conditioner and not having any left!! I hate craving something I have bought to eat, and not being able to eat it because my family already did. I need my own space. I just seriously am about to go over the edge. Jerry's having the same issue as well. We can't afford to move in together though. It would be amazing if we could buy our own house....we both want the same kind( a log house), in the same kind of area (somewhere thats not here....we were taking about PA), and decorating it and just living the same way. He's very organized. I try to be, but with school full time, and 2 jobs, it's a little hard to keep my room clean sometimes. I am clean though, don't get me wrong. I hate every second that my room is dirty. I want my own house so that I can start over, and my room would never be messy again!!! I really wish we could do it now. Jer said theres no way though. H e said that one day though he does want to live with me, so I guess for now it's just something I'm going to have to look forward to. I know it's a lot of responsibility, but I am so ready for it. I like to clean, LOVE to cook. I just want my own life, my own space from my family. I'm only 20, and it seems kind of young, but I am just so ready to be independent. I know that it's not going to be a fairytale, and it would be hard because we would have a lot of bills, but it's just something I know I want, and I know I'm ready for. Well, after I graduate and get a job I will be ready for it. Speaking of graduating, and jobs.....I don't know what I am going to do after I graduate. I will have my associates in communications, and I was originally aiming to be on radio, but I'm not so sure I want to do that anymore. It's a job I would do for the love of it because it doesn't pay anything, and I would have to have another job on top of it. I kind of almost would rather have one steady 9-5 job, even if it isn't my dream job. I was thinking of applying at a bank or two in town. They pay decent, I like people, and it has benefits. Thats a major thing for me. Since I won't be at school anymore, I won't be on my parents insurance anymore. I need my own. I have heard even part timers get benefits at some banks. So I was thinking I would do part time at a bank(which is still almost 30 hrs a week), then keep my waitressing/bartending job, and then decide if I want to pursue a career in radio, or something along those lines. If anybody has any job suggestions...I'm all ears!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't written in a few days. I have just been feeling very down since Mary died. I have kind of a funny story though...I went to work last night even though it was snowing. I thought it would stop. Well, it didn't. It was like a blizzard!! At 4, I couldn't even get up the driveway to my jobs parking lot, so I had to park in the lot next door that belongs to the firemen. So I park it there, and they ask me to move to a certian spot so they can plow. I do it. Then I hear them snickering about how funny it was to watch me try and get up the driveway for work. So around 6, a guy walks in and says "you have a flat tire". I asked if there was anybody who could change it for me, and he said no and walked away. What the hell??? You're part of the fire're supposed to help people! Anyways, there as this really sweet guy at the bar who offered to take my flat to his dads shop and see if he could patch the hole. I had a donut in the trunk, but the roads were so bad by then that I was too afraid to drive the 30 mins home on a donut. So we go over to my car, and hes on his hands and knees in his jeans wih no gloves or coat, and he takes my tire off for me. So he comes back later, and says he couldnt find the leak! He filled it for me, and I drove home. It took me over an hour, but I was there safe. So today I took my car to get the tire fixed, and the guy in town who does all of my repairs says to me "this tire is supposed to be flat? I can't find a hole in it!" He then suggested that maybe the air was let out of my tire. So now I am thinking about it...those firemen are such jerks...I wouldn't put it past them to do that to me. Ssoooooooo...the moral of the story is, I bought the guy who fixed my tire that night a drink, I won't park anywhere other than my work parking lot again, and I deff won't go in when its snowing so much anymore!!!