Thursday, January 29, 2009

Carvel Ice cream cake, crunchy tacos, and morning meltdowns...

The bank that I work in is attached to a grocery store, so the connecting door is a clear glass door so that we can see through it for security purposes. Well, from my seat behind the teller line, all I am seeing is a freezer filled with Carvel Ice Cream cakes and now I am craving it. I just keep thinking about the delicious little chocolate crunchy things int he middle. I am trying my hardest not to go and buy one. They have one shaped like a snowman, one shaped like an m&m, and one shaped like a football!!! They are cute as well as tasty looking lol. It is taking all I have not to go buy one.

I was in one of my pregnant moods last night where John couldn't do anything right, or do anything to make me feel better. He and our friend Travis went to get a coffee at the gas station, and ended up going to see a friend at Taco Bell. John works at Taco Bell at night after he is done with his day job for some extra money. I didn't know they were going to Taco Bell, I thought they were just down the road getting coffee. So when they didn't come home for half an hour I got really nervous. The roads were awful last night, and there were high winds. So I called John to see where they were. He answered and told me Taco Bell, then asked if I wanted anything. I hadn't eaten yet, and I was starving, but I was in my mood, so I told John, no I didn't wnat anything. They took forever to come home, and as I usually do now, I fell asleep waiting for them and I had dreams of crunchy tacos. Not just like oh I want a crunchy taco, but I dreamed that I wanted 3 crunchy tacos with sour creama nd mild sauce, and a chicken quesedilla on the side. random!! And when John finally did come home, I was really upset with him for not bringing me home tacos even though I had told him I didn't want anything!! I am like a psycho lunatic!

Today was a bad moring. I woke up, and there were no clean towels upstairs so I was waiting freezing ready to ge tout of the shower for John's slow butt to go get me a towel out of the dryer. I am exhausted today because I'm sick right now. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, bad headaches, and a cough, but theres not much I can do for it so last night after I woke up from my taco bell dream, I had a hard time getting back to bed. I ended up falling alseep for about another hour, but I had a really bad dream during that sleep too, so this morning I can hardly keep my eyes open. I rented a movie about a week ago thata was supposed to be a 2 day rental so I wanted to return it. John had it in the living room, and I couldn't find it. I was already late so I started screaming for John to get his lazy butt outof bed and help me find it. Then when he did, I said "I don't have time for this" and stormed out of the house. The car was all iced over, and I was already late so I was rshing to clean it and get out of the driveway. Well, while I was backing out, I accelerated a little too fast and ended ups liding downt he road backwards into a snowbank!!! After a nice loud scream, I put the car in drive, and then whn I pressed on the gas pedal, I didn't go anywhere. So, poor John got a phone call of me screaming and crying "I'm stuck int he god damn road and it would be really nice if you could come out here and help me". Yea, I'm psycho. Well, a minute later I calmed down a bit, and tried again, and I was able to get out so I told him never mind I got it. I did throw in an I love you and have a good day lol. I was also 15 minutes late for work!! It was just an awful morning. And work is dead today because the roads aren't really plowed very well, so 5 o'clock is taking forever to get here!!!


Jennifer said...

hi love.
i'm so glad that you started this. it will be GREAT to keep track of everything that is going on while you are pregnant... which I'm also happy about. YOU are going to be a GREAT mom. :) I just know it. that baby is so lucky to have you for his/her mommy! :)

I can't wait to see you again. It has been a while. things have been crazy here, as I'm sure you have heard/read... but I'm still thinking of you often and miss you.
heather's granny is having her surgery today. so say a little prayer for them all.

LOVE you and can't wait to see you again.

xoxoxo mwah!!

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